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[Cover Reveal] Myfanwy

Tom is unhappily dragged from his Australian surf to go to school in London. In the middle of an English winter, his unhappiness increases when a mysterious figure magically appears on Westminster Bridge and tries to kill him.

Tom soon discovers a whole world of magic, beauty - and danger. In the midst of fighting bullies, being hunted by a psychotic magic user and kidnapped by a secret government agency, he meets Myfanwy, a magic user from a mystical island off the coast of Wales. Their initial distrust soon turns to friendship but this very friendship threatens to upset the delicate power balance in the magic realm.

Tom and Myfanwy must get together to save the world, perhaps even the universe. But how can they, when the whole magic community is trying to keep them apart?

By : Joseph Liaigh

Published by : Leach Publishing

Goodreads : Myfanwy

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