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[Cover Reveal] Beyond Mortality

When an apocalypse destroys her home, Amethyst Daylai, a human desperate to discover the mortality that was stolen from her, must go on a journey alongside her remaining family to find any civilization that survives and learn to be ordinary in an extraordinary world. A decade ago, Amethyst and her family were dragged away from Earth and exposed to a world that threatens to kill them at every turn. They’re forced to live in the shadows of villages that brew with storms that they’re incapable of escaping. Surrounded by the patchwork of candlelight that promises to expose them to the creatures of fairytales they wish they could belong to, four of Amethyst’s brothers are found and murdered before the ten years are up. But when they go to stop the execution of another, unparalleled magic is revealed to be their own. With the hope they thought was lost, they find their way back home, expecting to uncover a life of promise. However, as her world is revealed before her, Amethyst finds only post-apocalyptic destruction. With her remaining family, Amethyst must go on an emotional, thrilling journey to find any civilization that has survived, a quest that will weigh survival against love, fear against hope, and mortality against morality.

By : Gabrielle Genhart

Goodreads : Beyond Mortality

OUT NOW (Available on Amazon)

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