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[Cover Reveal] Into The Forest

Before the Wilted Rose, the pirates who sailed upon it, or even a curse, there was a young faery who lived amongst the dense trees of the forest....a princess among a tribe of fantastical creatures. On the day of Ravenzara’s coronation as leader of the fae, her sister bestowed upon her two things :- A rose and a curse “ No good shall come if you should give your heart away “ Perhaps she thought her sisters’ words were a warning, but when her beloved pirate beau, Gaspard, arrives injured along with his crew, the bitter phrase begins to sound a little more sinister. Risking detection Ravenzara heals her love and his friends and banishes their enemy. In turn, Gaspard begs Ravenzara to leave her kingdom and sail away to places unknown... Conflicted, all Ravenzara knows is that she belongs with Gaspard, and only death will separate them.

Published by : OfTomes Publishing

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