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[Cover Reveal] Darkness comes at dawn

Everywhere Katie looks, she sees his face—her dad. The one she left in the rubble. Her real dad won’t admit there’s a problem, Tristan is about to give up on her, and she almost gives up on herself—until she meets Portia, the girl with a solution. But not every rabbit hole is worth going down—or coming back from. Worst, people are missing and no one knows if its the vampires, scrambling to find a new coven leader; the werewolves, who are fighting among themselves; or this new group, the Seven, claiming peace. Katie is suffocating from her inability to live like yesterday never happened. But will new scenery, and new friends be enough to save her when true darkness comes at dawn? Darkness Comes At Dawn is a YA Epic Urban Fantasy brimming with Darkness, Magic, and Moral Ambiguity.


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