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[Cover Reveal] Selection

“My life used to be full of certainty, and now it’s the exact opposite.” Abigail Beckett thought life couldn’t get weirder after being thrust into the world of P.O.E. when she was discovered as a genetically affected human. Shipped off to an academy so the United Government of Earth could keep them all a secret, she was finally starting to reconcile her new norm. That was until she was forced to go on the run when an unknown enemy attacked during a field test. Out in the wilderness, she must face mutated animals and mercenaries in her quest to return to the Academy and find out the truth. With unexpected help from Legacy Families, she got more than what she bargained for when she found a three-hundred-year old video. One that had everything to do with her. With an enemy that seemed unstoppable and a secret the world should know, it was finally time to stop running and start fighting back. The thrilling sequel to Evolution, Selection dives deeper into the world of P.O.E. A world where only the fittest survives.

Goodreads : Selection

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