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[Cover Reveal] Crescent

When your beloved witchy grandmother is dead, your best friend is dating the son of one of the meanest women in town, and your dreams have been hijacked by Southern belle spirits trying to kill you, what's a girl to do? Caffeine up and go on a ghost hunt, of course!

Crescent is the story of Stella Fortunat, a girl who wears way too much eyeliner, drinks way too much coffee, and has way too many expectations set on her by an unsympathetic mother. Most of her life has been occupied by work at her family's cafe, blending her own eye shadows and sitting at the feet of her Tarot reading, Voodoo practicing "GG".

Now, Stella's own prophetic dreams have taken a very dangerous turn and everyone seems to think she's crazy. From mystical visions to masquerade balls, Crescent is a journey that's dark, playful, poignant, and funny.

"Teen supernatural fiction at its best." -D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review.

Goodreads : Crescent

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